Why I’m voting NO

The Egyptian revolution has been a peaceful battle for change. This change is not just about Mubarak or his minions. It is about changing the entire way in which we live, work, produce and most importantly make decisions. A revolution by definition is overthrowing the old to bring in a new system. Our demand is a system that is based on democracy, active participation of citizens in decision making, and living in a society where the individual really matters.

Vote No!

However, next Saturday the army is asking us to vote on accepting or not the constitutional amendments that they have formed a committee to put forward. I’m not going to talk about the content, because that has been discussed by people who actually understand more what they are talking about, so there are many better sources to help one understand why they should vote yes or no in that sense. From my side I have another issue with it.

Why the hell is it happening so quickly?

The amendments were done to a constitution that the past government has been butchering for decades to support them in clinging on to power. Part of the revolution’s demands was a new constitution that supports freedom, democracy and social justice. This document is something that is meant to be sustainable, and we have pretty much agreed that this piece of paper we call a constitution is no longer valid. In fact one of the amendments is actually that within 6 months of a parliament being elected we will be drafting a new one.

Yeah we need to elect a new president, so we need rules on how one can get nominated and elected since the old ones no longer are valid. Fair enough. Just create temporary rules for that. But to change the constitution like this is completely exclusive. The ammendments just came out 2 weeks ago, and in a week we are expected to be ready to vote yes or no, when most of us don’t really understand what are the implications of this, and those who do understand do not have enough time to reach the voters.

I’m voting NO. Not because I disagree with the content (even though I do on some parts), but because I am against the process as a whole. Democracy means including people in decision making and having people make informed decisions, something that this process is just not giving us.

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