About Me

The only photo of me in the revolution as I'm always behind the camera

This is a temporary blog for now. I’ve had plans to start a blog + website with all my previously published work, development work I’m involved in and photographs I take. However, one thing I know is a weakness in me is procrastination. Especially in personal projects. Plus the fact that I tend to get involved in way too many things at the same time. But that you’ll see if you keep following my blog. Hopefully after the revolution succeeds I’ll be able to put the effort in making this blog from content to design what I originally had in mind.

I’m a 23 year old Egyptian female. I love traveling, food, photography and music. I appreciate creative forms of art that challenge the status quo like graffiti or alternative forms of art. I enjoy reading and writing and always try to make time to do more of both, but lately I haven’t seemed to find that. I believe the internet is the most important invention man kind created. It not only serves as a communication medium, it also documents history, civilizations and breaks borders.

Most of my work experience has been through volunteer work. I volunteer for CISV. I volunteer for Characters of Egypt. I volunteer in the Egyptian revolution. I am happy to give my time without pay for anything that works for a cause I believe in and contributes in development of societies in one way or another. I also have published several articles in different magazines and websites along with some photographs.

For now, you’ll find my posts are mostly about the Egyptian revolution, as I have nothing else on my mind or in my priority list in these days. In the future you’ll find a diverse range of topics and photos.

Viva la revolucion!


10 Responses to About Me

  1. Dear Rowan:
    Contact you want to know if you want to send me something about Egypt today to publish in our news meddia, send me a photo from you too.
    Chau from Buenos Aires!

  2. Dear Rowan,

    The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. ANHRI, is launching a
    new periodical .The new publication , WASLA, publishes bloggers’ posts
    and articles on current issues in Egypt and the Arab world. Here is a
    link for the first edition in pdf format:http://wasla.anhri.net/

    Your contribution to WASLA is most welcomed if you would let us quote
    from your blogs after your permission. Your prompt response will be
    much appreciated

    Best Regards,
    WASLA Team
    wasla at anhri dot net

  3. Mohamed El Raie says:

    Hi Rawan

    I am Mohamed El Raie, Producer
    I am working on a documentary project about the revolution, I am interviewing people who participated in the revolution to tell about the stories behind their pictures and their experience in the revolution.
    If you are interested please mail me.

    Thank you

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  5. Catherine Baylin says:

    Hi Rowan,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! Hope you are doing well.


  6. hi rowan

    iam happy coz we have people like u , i read all ur writings here and cilantro central ,, and hope to can contact u at mail , there is something good u may like to share in el rehab city

  7. maha bahnassi says:

    hi rowan
    iam doing a reserach about the role of bloggers in egypt ,its apart of my master thesis,so i want your email to send a questionnaire

    maha bahnassi

  8. Dear Rawan

    please i want your email or Mobile Nr. to communicate with you for cilantro magazine

  9. luigipisino says:

    Hi, I wonder if i could use this photo (https://rowanelshimi.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/dsc_3058.jpg) to print a poster on the theme of cooperation to be distributed in Italy

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