How to Remove “Sent from my BlackBerry” from Emails

First of all, it has to be said. I am not a fan of blackberries, even though I own one.  In fact, I quite hate my phone.

I always regret when I decide to be cheap and buy something not worth the money I paid for it, and this is definitely one of those cases. Instead of investing some more money in an iphone or Android, I went for the blackberry curve and now I have a phone that when people see they almost demand I had them over my BlackBerry pin, a phone that tells people when I’ve read their BBMs and decided not to reply and a phone that has really inconvenient browsing on the internet. Other than the social pressures that come with owning this phone in Egyptian society, the phone’s battery is horrible, it always has to be restarted because it freezes and/or looses my settings and it’s internet reception is quite poor.

The only (kind of) good thing on my phone is that it has twitter, which comes in handy when updating news from protests and email which helps me keep track of my messy life.

There are two things that repulse me about Blackberry’s email service though:

1. The fact that when I send an email it doesn’t show as  “Rowan El Shimi” but shows as my email address

2. The fact that it sends “sent from my blackBerry® wireless handheld” at the end of every email message. I already hate Blackberries, I don’t want to freely advertise for them.

I just recently found out how to fix these two problems, which makes me hate blackberries just a little less (seriously, only a little, let’s not go overboard):

– Go to the “Set-up” folder

– Click “Email Settings”

– Click on the email you use and choose “Edit”

– Under “Your Name” write your actual name

– Under “Signature” remove the crappy ad.

I hope you might find this useful. Many of you will probably feel like this is a bit of an obvious thing, and you’ve done it since you bought your BB. However, I’m sure there are many technologically challenged individuals out there who might find this useful. Even if they don’t share my immense hate for the device.

Cheers to my next phone not being an evil BlackBerry.


6 Responses to How to Remove “Sent from my BlackBerry” from Emails

  1. lauren says:

    I have been reading your blogs since the uprising. I want to thank you for your efforts. I am in the US. I find your writing rich with images and feelings that allow me a window into your country. Your blogs are thoughtful, funny and honest.
    Maybe someday humans will realize we are all precariously hurtling through dark space on this rock together, Let’s figure out how to make it fun for everyone while we are on this short ride.
    BTW the way, iphones rock.

    • Rowan says:

      Thank’s Lauren! That’s really sweet of you, and really well written comment I have to add!

  2. Giulia says:

    I was even removed from the CairoScholars list because my BB didn’t show my name but just my email address!
    took me ages to find out how to change the settings (not user friendly at all) but after trying several times I finally got it. (and was added to the list again)
    I think this can be useful for many people :)

  3. kathy! says:

    thanks darlin!!! super helpful, ive been meaning to do this since I got mine.

    Coming from a citizen of the country that birthed your enemy.

  4. Ahmed El-Rifai says:

    Thank you for the tip. Very helpful. I was not only advertising BB but also Mobinil. Annoying!
    Thanks again.

  5. thank for the awesome tip. Really needed to get that crappy message off my phone. Curve again :'(..

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